Become a Reviewer

Do you like movies and TV serials?
Do you enjoy writing reviews and want to see them published?
Do you pay particular attention to how a media work helps us understand reality?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you might seriously consider becoming a volunteer reviewer for That is, to write your own reviews of movies or TV serials that you enjoyed and to see them published. There is no commitment to continuity: it’s about writing when you feel like it, getting advice from those who have been carrying on this volunteer work for more than twenty years now, and seeing your reviews published on a site that boasts several thousand hits.

The question that comes immediately afterwards is easily predictable: is there a salary? The answer is very much related to the availabilities that can arise from generous supporters but it is much more correct to say that it is a pure volunteer effort with the goal of gaining experience in writing and sharing with others those important moments in which a work succeeds in making us reflect on the many ethical challenges posed by the works we see. In fact, this is one of the most frequent reasons why readers access Familycinematv: to pick up cues to address certain sensitive issues at some gathering among friends or in a parish.

Obviously, reviews must respect the format and objective of our editorial line: it is not just a matter of clarifying whether the film has great or reduced artistic value but whether it can sincerely investigate. certain realities affecting the modern world in a constructive spirit

For this reason, an entrance test (writing three reviews, one of them chosen by the aspiring reviewer himself) is provided for the spirant reviewer, and even afterwards, the editorial staff can propose improving revisions, always with the author’s permission.

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