In the 1930s, two students attend the same writing college but are very different: he comes from a wealthy family and is mostly involved in sports; she is very politically committed and makes ends meet by working in a bar. She falls hopelessly in love; he accepts the relationship but years pass (we get to the 1950s) and the two continue to attract and repel each other. A beautifully acted and beautifully written romantic story that still manages to enthrall. On Prime Video
The extraordinary true story of the White family who, while returning to their city on a private flight, find themselves experiencing dramatic moments due to the pilot's inability to carry on the flight. A Christian film available on Amazon Prime.
Luke and Emily love each other and have decided to get married but cannot tell their office colleagues because they work at the same hedge fund company. She has a career advancement and also becomes Luke's boss, triggering very interesting relationship themes to be explored further. Too bad the narrative deviates from realistic development to favor grim effect sequences. On Netflix
Director Christopher Nolan unleashes all his narrative prowess to construct a dense tale, which does not give the viewer a moment's respite, around one of the central and most ethically questionable events in modern history: the construction and then use of the atomic bomb against Japan. He does so by putting a subjective spin on Oppenheimer, the scientist who coordinated the project, who was always poised between satisfaction with the goal he had achieved, the ethical doubts his work entailed, and finally his descent into oblivion because of his past sympathies for American communism. Now in Cinemas


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